•  Arsccom Resources & management services(ARMS) is a Zoho Advanced partner with certified for development of extensions, plugins & Customization on Zoho CRM.
  •  ARMS has developed this 'product' plugin independent & released in Zoho Marketplace.
  •  Since this is a plugin, subscribers need to subscribe for getting it activated.
  •  Upon subscription credentials of your independent software(as applicable) - can be entered and the integration gets enabled.
  •  The scope of the plug-in is limited to flow the information from independent software to Zoho CRM.
  •  Customers can reach out to ARMS on support for enhancing/optimizing the plug-in.
  •  Please refer the training video for usage, no dedicated training would be provided.
  •  ARMS does not hold any responsibility of loss of data/data breach/ Subscription either to Zoho or independent software.
  •  ARMS subscription is to be renewed as per Zoho marketplace policy.